Fashion Jewelry Neck Chains

Fashion Jewelry Neck ChainsNecklaces are a must especially if you are to follow the three-piece rule. There are several chain types in the market today that it can be quite daunting to choose the right piece to suit one’s taste. The following are just some of the chains popular today and how best to use it to complete your outfit.


Rope chains are one of the popular choice when it comes to necklaces especially more so for those who are interested in wearing one with a pendant. A rope chain is made up of intertwined metal either gold, silver or platinum and the tighter the weaving, the more expensive it is as it makes use of more metal. Aside from using it with a pendant, rope chains are perfect for twisted necklace design where the chain is the main attraction.


The snake chain is both popular among men and women because of its design. Instead of the regular links, it is composed of rings which are tighten together resembling that of a snake’s body. Thin chains

Silver Jewelry Overview

Silver JewelrySilver like gold, is one of the oldest metals used in jewelry making. Due to its ability to be resistant to tarnishing when worn, silver has become a symbol for purity. Today, the metal is popular for use not only in household items but also with jewelries because of its versatility and affordability.


Silver in its purest form is not wearable because of its softness resulting to the metal being mixed with other metals when used for jewelry. The mixing of the metal alloy strengthens the silver allowing one to wear it for an extended period without the jewelry losing its shape.


Fine silvers are expensive because these contain 99.9 percent of silver with the 1 percent containing other alloy or metal parts. These silver pieces usually have a stamp of 999 to indicate the percentage of silver used in the piece. Another type of fine silver is the sterling silvers which contain 92.5 percent of the metal with the remaining 7.5 percent made up of copper or other metal alloys. However, copper is the preferred choice by jewelers because it complements the

Things To Think About When Buying Snap Jewelry

Snap JewelrySnap jewelry is one of the hottest new concepts in jewelry design and it is beginning to take the world by storm. More and more jewelry designers are beginning to appreciate the amazing range of designs which can be created with this type of jewelry. However, before you start to create designs, it is important that you take the time to consider a few different things about snap jewelry.

The most important thing to consider is the snap mechanism itself. Some snap jewelry works like a snap button: the two halves are securely pressed into one another, just like the buttons which often appear on baby clothes. To take them apart, simply apply a small amount of force to both sides and pull them apart. An alternative form of snap jewelry works like a watch clasp. One side pushes through the other side, loops around and then snaps shut. If you are designing a piece of jewelry using snaps, you need to think carefully about which form of snap jewelry you want to use.

When you are buying snap jewelry, you should make sure that there are

5 Unusual Ways With Wooden Beads

Wooden BeadsAs well as being one of the oldest types of beads in the world, wooden beads are also one of the most versatile types of bead that you can choose to use. Because they are available in so many different colors, shapes and sizes, there is an awful lot of things that you can do with them. Besides jewelry making, there are many other unusual uses for wooden beads. Here are just a few of the things that you can use these items for:

Making “feet” for a variety of items

Use large wooden beads to make “feet” for objects which should be held off of the ground. For example, pan stands work best when they are slightly raised off of the surface which they are protecting. Using special heat proof glue, stick three beads to the bottom of a pan stand at even intervals, so that you can raise it off of the countertop. This will offer even more protection to your surfaces, to prevent them from being ruined by a hot pan.

A Keychain

A Keychain is designed to help you to find

What Types Of Bracelet Clasps

Box ClaspsIf you are making a bracelet for yourself or for a friend, you will need to make sure that you choose the right kind of bracelet clasps for your creation. Choosing the correct clasp can be the difference between a really nice piece of jewelry that is comfortable and easy to wear, and a piece of jewelry which looks great, but which is actually really impractical. Here is some information on the different types of bracelet clasps which are available to purchase.

Box Clasps

Box clasps are either square or rectangular in shape. In order to use this type of clasp, you slot one side of the clasp through the other side, bend it over and then fold it back onto itself. The clasp will then usually click shut. When it is shut, the clasp looks like a closed box. This type of clasp is one of the most secure, and it is almost impossible to open this clasp inadvertently. It is possible to get box clasps which are jeweled, and can actually enhance the design of the piece.

Spring Clasps and Lobster Claw Clasps

The Difference Between Glass Beads And Crystal

Glass Beads And CrystalWhen you think about buying glass or crystal silver earrings, you would like to know more about them before you put in your cash to buy them. Well, this article will give you some much needed clarity about these two types of materials used for making stunning earring sets. You will know which type to invest in once you finish reading it.

Glass earrings are just that. They are made of a particular type of glass suited for jewelry and moulded and blown into the exquisite shapes. Some of the bead shapes one finds as they look through online shops are multi-colored beads made of glass in varying sizes. Some beads are really tiny with multiple beads clumped together but others are quite large and a single or a few beads are enough to make up the entire earring. They may be hanging low by some delicate chain or may be fixed to a holding device which is close to the ear and non-hanging.

Crystal earrings are different in that they shine and reflect light better than glass does. Crystal is formed by adding lead

How To Create Ethnic Jewellery With Wholesale Charms

Ethnic Jewellery With Wholesale CharmsOne of the best things about using wholesale charms to make custom made jewellery is the fact that you can make so many different styles and types of jewellery with the pieces that are available. One of the most popular styles du jour is ‘ethnic’ jewellery. It is really easy to make your own ethnic pieces using the wholesale charms which you can pick up from reputable jewellery supplies stores.

Why use charms for ‘ethnic’ jewellery?

Charms are still very popular in some areas of the world, and many people in these areas believe that the charms that they wear will bring them good luck, good fortune or luck in their love life. Different charms have different meanings to different people. Even if you don’t believe in the powers that these lucky charms purport to have, using them to create similar jewellery pieces can be very evocative of the area that you are trying to emulate. The way that you use the charms can show cultural awareness, and respect for different areas of the world.

A Guide To Selecting And Threading Seed Beads

Seed BeadsSeed beads can be so small that the very thought of threading them can put people off using them. However, seeds beads can serve a series of very important functions for those who are making homemade jewelry, so you should not shun them altogether. In the following article, some advice will be offered to help you to use these beads, without all of the hassle that you are worried about.

How big are these beads?

“Seeds” can be purchased in a range of sizes, with sizes usually being written in a special format (x/0). The larger that x value is, the smaller that the bead will be, therefore a bead which is advertised as being 28/0 will be one of the very smallest items available. On the other hand, a piece which is advertised as being 5/0 will be huge in comparison. Beading needles use a similar numbering system, in so far as the small that the gauge number is, the thicker the needle will be.

Selecting a needle to use

When you are working with items

Reasons Behind The Popularity of Black Tassel Necklaces

Black Tassel NecklacesTassel necklaces are all the rage nowadays. Due to their rising demand, they are available in a variety of designs so that women can choose one based on their own needs. What makes tassel necklaces, especially black tassel necklaces so popular among women? Let’s find out the answer.


One of the most common reasons is that these necklaces suit both formal and informal outfits. You don’t have to go for a different type of necklaces or outfit even if you are going to attend a party or wedding ceremony. This is one-size-fits-all kind of stuff.

Old is gold

They are kind of vintage items. If you go back in 1970s, you will find that they were very much revered back then. Even today, if you want to add an element of vintage to your outfits, you can go for black tassel necklaces. After all, you want to look your best each day of the year.

They are the center of attention

High heels make your gate more appealing. In the same way, a tassel necklace can make your gate a lot

What You Should Do Before Buying A Custom Engagement Ring

Custom Engagement RingIf you think that custom-designed rings are the stuff of legends and can only be afforded by super-stars and odd folks who are ready to waste a fortune on something ridiculous, you must be out of the game, my friend. It’s 2016 out there, and that means people are more than happy to do all kinds of “customizing tweaks” for the clients for a solid price. You could say going with a custom engagement ring is the new normal. Despite the fact that there are all kinds of different offers on the market, there’s no guarantee you’ll find you perfect jewelry even if you circle around the block a couple of times, if you know what I mean. So, with that said, you need to learn about a few useful tips and tricks that will help you design your perfect ring for the generations to enjoy. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Go With A Respected Jeweler

This is probably the most important thing to do, and It would be a good idea to ask your friends/relatives about

Turn Heads With Stunning Ruby Rings

Stunning Ruby RingsRuby rings are stunning; they have ethereal beauty and elegance. They encompass color and clarity with a spark of shine and are an absolute delight for the eyes. Indeed, the beauty of rubies is so mesmerizing that they turn heads instantly. After all, ruby is a precious gemstone that signifies passion, desire, courage and emotion. This dark hued red gemstone is a treat for the eyes. No wonder, it is considered as the king of gemstones. It adorns the beauty of jewelry pieces when it is embedded in metals such as gold or silver. The reason why this gemstone stands out is because of its glow and shine. It is also known to have astrological significance. It is believed that a ruby wearer will experience harmony in relationships and attract prosperity. We do not know how far that is true but this stone is a stunner and every woman desires to have ruby rings or ruby necklaces. The appearance of this stone may vary according to its quality and superiority.

A good quality gemstone will posses shine and glow.

Rubies Are As Good As Diamonds

Rubies Are As Good As DiamondsRuby rings are very popular and dazzling types of jewellery. Value wise it is more or less equal to gemstone diamonds. However, richness of its beauty and passionate colour of the stone is its speciality. Their pulsating shade extends a spectacular accent on most of the pieces of the jewellery.

Hardness of a ruby is nine and it is same type of hard like diamond. Diamond is toughest kind natural substance found in the earth and it possesses hardness of ten. The same sort of hardness in rubies almost like diamonds makes them long lasting stone while making ruby rings. Big sized rubies are difficult to find and they are more costly compared to same sort of diamonds. A ruby is termed corundum as this a gem found in red colour formation. Corundum found in other colours is termed as sapphires. Corundum is available in verities colours and sometimes becomes available in transparent form. An element of trace is the main reason for getting gemstones of different colours.

For intensifying the colour and clarifying some sort of imperfections, very often a ruby is

How to Choose Best Ruby Rings

Best Ruby RingsThe history of rings ages back to medieval period when rings were plain bands of iron, copper, silver and gold with metal denoting the class of wearer. Rings have evolved from accessory to art, ultimately becoming a bold fashion statement. Since centuries they have shared an intimate relationship with mankind. Whether it is for a ceremony, celebration of a victory or for sealing a life long relationship, rings have always been an element of purpose.

The advent of colored gemstones marked a new era in the history of rings. It added greatly to the versatility and designing options in rings. Gemstone rings are not merely rings but each gemstone represents a class of jewelry in itself. The color, hue and nature of each gemstone provide distinct flavor and style to rings. That is the reason each gemstone is backed by its own range of jewelry.

Ruby for rings:

One such class of rings is ruby rings. With a compelling red color as its primary hue, ruby ranges in the tones of red as if narrating different intensities

Variety of Ruby Rings in Star Rubies

Ruby Rings in Star RubiesRuby Rings are available in a wide range of designs and grades. But of the rarest and the costliest varieties are the Ruby Rings with Star Rubies. The star ruby showcase a star with six rays when a single ray of sunlight or a spot light falls on them. It is an example of an optical phenomenon called “Asterism”. Because of this unique feature, the Rings are very popular amongst the people.

Ruby Stars are very rare to find. On an average, you will find only one out of hundred rubies with a perfect combination of good color and good star. Mostly, the star ruby are found in very small sizes, that is less than 5 carats. Ruby is generally associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Apart from that, Ruby Rings are also presented on a couple’s 15th and 40th anniversaries as a token of love and togetherness.

Things to be Taken care of while Purchasing Star and Ruby Rings:

• Length and Sharpness of the Star:

Ideally the star that is formed

Ruby The Red Sapphire

The Red SapphireThe ruby is a form of the mineral corundum, as is sapphire The only difference between sapphires and rubies are color. If a piece of corundum mineral is a shade of red, it is a ruby. If it is any other color it is a sapphire. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. Along with sapphire, emerald and diamond, it is one of the four precious stones.

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means red. About 90 per cent of the world’s rubies come from Myanmar, Burma. Myanmar’s Valley of Rubies produces the most valuable and rare color of ruby called ‘pigeon’s blood’. The working conditions of the mines in this region are horrendous, and there are actions being taken to improve the working conditions there. Rubies are also minded in Vietnam, Thailand, Ceylon,. Northern Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan.

Rubies have been known and treasured since antiquity. They are mentioned in the bible. India especially has a long tradition of ruby appreciation. The gemstone is mentioned in ancient Indian literature. Even the

Star Ruby The Eternal Gemstone

Star RubyWhat are Star Rubies?

Star Rubies are a rare variety of the gemstone Ruby. These magnificent gems display a sharp six-rayed star which seems to glide and shimmer magically across the surface of the gem when the latter is moved. This is caused due to an optical phenomenon known as “Asterism“. The star is best visible when the star ruby is seen in a single light source such as sunlight and spotlight.

What causes the Star-Effect?

Star-effect or “asterism” is caused by the dense inclusions of tiny fibers of rutile (also known as “silk“). The stars are caused by the light reflecting from needle-like inclusions of rutile aligned perpendicular to the rays of the star. However, since rutile is always present in star rubies, they are never completely transparent. Infact, star ruby is one of those few gemstones which actually requires inclusions (i.e. rutile).

Are Star Rubies rare?

Today, out of every 100 rough corundum (ruby and sapphire) mined; only three will have stars apparent after being cut into cabochons. Out of these three, one will have a poor color but a good star,

The Trend For Diamond and Ruby Wedding Rings

Ruby Wedding RingsOne of the latest trends in formal jewelry is engagement rings that feature a splash of brilliant red flash. Gone is the virginal row of white diamonds that used to identify the old fashioned wedding ring. Today you are just as likely to see diamond and ruby wedding rings embracing the fourth fingers of new brides.

These diamond and ruby wedding rings come in all kinds of interesting and creative designs. One of the most popular styles of engagement ring is the single large solitary ruby that is set in a band of diamonds. This color scheme then can be complimented by a ring of white diamonds, red rubies or a ruby and diamond circlet that serves as the wedding band. The visual effect of the blood red ruby wedding band is particularly startling against the whiteness of a diamond. It is also flattering on any color of skin.

So why choose a ruby and diamond wedding ring over just diamonds? It might just have to do with the symbolism of the color red. Red symbolizes love, warmth

The Gemstone Ruby

The Gemstone RubyRuby is a precious and highly sought after red gemstone which ranges in color from pink to blood red. It is deemed to be among the most valuable gemstones on earth and is blessed with all the qualities that a precious gemstone should possess viz. spectacular color, outstanding hardness and durability, scintillating brilliance, and extreme rarity.

A ruby is composed of the mineral aluminium oxide (Al2O3) which is popularly identified by the name of corundum. Trace amounts of metallic impurities (that of chromium) in the crystal structure of corundum gives the stunning red tint to this enchanting gemstone. Quite rightly called ‘Ratnaraj’ or the king of gems in Sanskrit, rubies are always conspicuous by their majesty.

Its color is its most basic and discernible property and the name ruby itself is derived from the Latin word ruber which means red. The red of the ruby is very significant as on one hand red epitomizes vigor, willpower, anger and courage while on the other hand it embodies joy, sexuality, passion and love.

Gem quality corundum of any other color is called a sapphire.

The colors

The Ruby Gemstone of Love

Gemstone of LoveRuby: Introduction

Red is the color of love, passion, vivacity, exuberance, and power. It is also the color of one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world -the ruby. The ruby is known to be the July birthstone and is the stone given on the 15th and 40th marriage anniversaries to provide happy couples a long prosperous marriage. In ancient times the ruby is known as the “king of gems”. The ruby has everything a precious stone would need- magnificent color, excellent hardness, and outstanding brilliance. The color of a ruby can range from fiery orange red to a deep purple red. Large rubies are hard to find, which make them rare, in some cases could be more valuable than a diamond of the same size.

Ruby: History

The ruby derives its name from the Latin word ruber which is a name that is based on its red color. Like many other gemstones the ruby has been used as a talisman to cure and protect. People in ancient times believed that rubies, if grounded into fine

An Introduction to Rubies

RubiesWhat is a Ruby?

In its simplest terms, a ruby is a red gemstone more officially called aluminum oxide. The name ruby comes from the Latin term ruber meaning red and the redness of the stone comes from the presence of the element chromium. The ruby is one of four precious stones, the other being sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. A ruby is part of the corundum family of gemstones and is also sometimes called a red sapphire.

Where are Rubies found?

Natural sources for rubies produce the finest examples of the stone; the main areas for mining rubies include Burma (now called Myanmar), Thailand, Cambodia and in smaller quantities Afghanistan.

Other sources of rubies include Pakistan, US, Africa, Nepal, Vietnam and some states in the Russian republics.

Different Types of Rubies

There are many types of rubies, but in general the most popular one are:

Burmese Rubies

These are one of the finest qualities of rubies and emanate mainly from the Mogok valley region of Burma. Deep red in colour, a key element of these rubies is the fact they have few